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My Indoor Plants

Posted in Chamaedorea, Dieffenbachia, Draceana marginata, House Plants, Majesty Palm, palm trees, Ravenea rivularis, Spathiphyllum on January 3, 2009 by GardenerDave


Draceana marginata

       Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had time to post.It’s a new year.Same old stuff.But,I got some new pics of my plants.First the indoor plants:                     plant11

Majesty Palm ( Ravenea rivularis)  Didn’t know anything about Palms when I purchased these fron Wal Mart.Thought their cheap,lets try these.(I ended up with  five of these.) Bought them,got them back to the church…now what?So I started reading about them.The first thing I read was…”These are the WORST palms for inside.They like lots of sun,humidity,water.” Oh crap!!But I kept reading and trying different things and they seem to be doing pretty good so far.Have had they since March of 2008.Not yet a year.But,we’ll see.The other palms I  have are Chamaedorea. But I don’t know which Chamaedorea.I thought at first it might be C. elegans or Parlor Palm.But the more I looked at it the more I don’t think so.I’m thinking now that it is possibly Chamaedorea seifrizii or The Bamboo Palm.  You can see here how the stems form a clump and is not a bunch of separate plants.Anyway,this is a much better palm for inside.It comes from Mexico and Guatemala in the rainforest,where it grows as a understory plant,reaching a height of only 10 feet or so.

Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia.  This is a very nice Dieffenbachia.I don’t know the variety,but would like to.It’s one of the larger varieties,or so it appears.Very nice bright leaves.No problems so far other than a few spider mites.

    Spathiphyllum…This poor guy was all but dead when I took this job.But I repotted him in frersh soil and a better pot and look at him now.It grew out of the first pot and had to be repotted again.And it has bloomed several times.It’a very  large plant .Has deep green leaves,and a large white arum type flower. Another that I don’t know the variety,but would like to.This plant does not like to dry out.

I was originally hired to take care of the outside,yard, flower beds ect. But we decided we wanted a few inside plants.NOT one of my strong points,inside plants.But,I am learning.Quess thats part of the fun.